The rules of the club

Libre Language Club

1. Culturated behaviour

In the club, you have to behave according to the standard norms. You must not disturb the normal flow of the club, and you have to make an effort to keep the club's good atmosphere. It is forbidden to insult, humiliate, harass or threaten anyone in the club.

2. Use of foreign languages

This a foreign language club, mainly (but not neccessarily) with native Hungarians. Please avoid using any other language (like Hungarian) than the actual group language during the club event. An exception to this rule is the administration of the club (e.g. the payment on entrance), for which there is no such restriction.

3. Payment

In order to maintain the club, the members have to pay the required dues from their second visit (the actual prices can be found on the website). On each arrival, you have to tell your name to the administrator, and if he finds that your previous payment has expired, you have to pay the fee for the selected time.

4. Rules of the MagNet House

Everyone in the room must keep the rules of the MagNet Community House: at most 30 people are allowed in the room; eating is not allowed, and drinking only from closable bottle; smoking is forbidden; care must be taken not to harm anything in the room.

5. Data protection

The data entered on this website is used as follows. The name and the languages of the member are used by the administrator(s) of the club to identify the members; they do not give them to third party. The e-mail address is used by the system to sent certain messages (the automatic messages can be turned off), and to login to the site. The given languages are used to show cumulated information on the site without names, and (for rare languages) to share the presence of the language with others (without name). The login password is stored in an irreversible form so that it cannot be recovered, and it can only be used for comparison. The organizer of the club can see all data except the password, and he uses it only for the maintenance of the club, and do not give them to third party (except as noted above). If the member explicitly requests it, we delete all of his/her stored data from the system (along with the termination of the membership).